High Speed Internet

The Most Reliable and Fastest Internet in Town. Period.


Up to 25Mbps

  • Basic Internet Service
  • Photo Sharing
  • Online Shopping
  • General Surfing


Up to 100Mbps


  • Average Usage
  • Social Media
  • Streaming Movies
  • Music Downloads


Up to 1Gbps


  • The Ultimate Web Experience
  • Online Gaming
  • 4K Streaming
  • Large File Sharing
*Terms and Conditions apply. Installation is $25.00 for internet service. This charge may be discounted if the customer commits to a 6-month contract for the service. If the customer removes before the 6-month expiration of the contract, they will be responsible for the full installation charge. Prices do not include standard applicable state, federal, and local taxes; other regulatory and administrative charges, surcharges, fees, and assessments.