Download and stream music, movies and games faster than ever with Bulloch’s Fiber-Speed Internet service. Enjoy free virus protection and free access to when you sign up. Call today!

Fiber Internet. The fastest, most reliable Internet technology on the planet. save on bundles

Fiber 6:          $49.95/month
6 Mbps Fiber Internet is great for basic computing, photo sharing, online shopping and general surfing.

Fiber 25:        $69.95/month
25 Mbps Fiber Internet is perfect for social media, downloading music, streaming TV and more.

Fiber 50:         $84.95/month
50 Mbps Fiber Internet is great for downloading and streaming movies, receiving large files, and sharing almost anything.

Fiber 100:       $99.95/month
100 Mbps Fiber Internet is ideal for online gaming, high-bandwidth activity, and just about anything else you can throw its way. It’s the future-proof Internet experience.

*Installation is $25.00 for Fiber Internet. However, this charge may be discounted if the customer commits to a 6-month contract for the service. If the customer removes before the 6-month expiration of the contract, they will be responsible for the full installation charge

ESPN3. Your gateway to live sports starts here.

All Fiber-Speed Internet accounts come with free access to Enjoy scoreboards, stats, live chats, and integrated Twitter updates to all your favorite sports, 24/7. Never miss another game, no matter where it’s being televised!