Bulloch Broadband DSL Service

Broadband /DSL (digital subscriber line) service is provided over a customer's existing fiber optic telephone line. It does not interfere with or limit the usage of a customer's normal telephone service. The DSL is bundled with BullochNet Internet service as a single service offering.

Service Definition

Broadband/DSL provides an "always on" Internet connection at speeds of up to 15 Mb down stream and 3 Mb upstream for Fiber based Broadband. The actual speed will vary based on the service ordered and customer provided premise equipment.

This speed relates to the DSL line (from the house to the switching office) and is unrelated to the Internet speed. Bulloch will employ best commercial efforts to provide transmission speeds as defined in the customers selected Broadband/DSL plan. The actual data throughput experienced by you will be variable and will depend on several factors including the data overhead inherent with IP connections, your computer equipment, destination on the Internet, traffic on the Internet, etc. No minimum level of speed is guaranteed. While Bulloch will employ best commercial efforts to maintain service availability, no guarantee is made regarding continuity of the Service, or the ability to log on to the Service.


The current rate for QuickConnect DSL is $49.95 per month for 5.0 MB and is ideal for sharing photos and web surfing. This rate includes the DSL line and Internet service (bandwidth), one E-mail account and the Federal Universal Service Charge. A personal home page is not included in this service.

BullochNet's LightningFast DSL is $59.95 per month for 10.0 MB. This service is perfect for downloading movies and online gaming.

Our fastest service offering is Xtreme DSL for $69.95 per month for 15.0 MB. Xtreme DSL is so fast it's ridiculous and is the ultimate in DSL service.

Installation is $50.00 for the DSL line. However, this charge may be discounted if the customer commits to a 6-month contract for the service. If the customer removes before the 6-month expiration of the contract, they will be responsible for the full installation charge.

This installation is for the line and Internet connection only (excluding jack installation). The DSL also requires the computer be on a station (inside) wire separate from all other telephones. Inside wiring will be provided as necessary under existing procedures and charges.

If the customer needs assistance for work on their computer or installing a modem, they should contact a company that specializes in this function. Bulloch will provide telephone support (to a limited extent) but the customer must isolate their trouble to the DSL line before Bulloch will dispatch repair personnel. If Bulloch repair personnel determine that the problem is caused by the customer equipment, a service charge will be applied.

Customer Hardware Requirements

Bulloch's Fiber Optic based Broadband/DSL service requires no modem. Broadband services require a Network Interface Card (NIC) in your computer. This device is also commonly called an Ethernet Card. Most computers purchased during the last few years will be equipped with a card. NIC devices are readily available at office supply and computer stores.

It is also recommended that the operating system be Windows XP or later and that the systems have a minimum of 1 GIG of memory and 2 Gig is recommended.


All charges will be billed to the customer on the Bulloch Telephone bill. These charges will appear as "BullochNet DSL Service".

Residential Network Openness Description

Bulloch Telephone Cooperative (Bulloch) will adhere to the following guidelines set forth by Congress and the FCC. Bulloch will encourage broadband deployment and maintain network openness and interconnection with respect to the public Internet. Bulloch recognizes that all consumers are entitled to access the lawful Internet content and application of their choice without unfair or discriminatory bandwidth restrictions. Accordingly, Bulloch offers all broadband subscribers open access to the Internet. Bulloch has no traffic shaping equipment in place and does not discriminate against nor preclude any legal use of services or legal access to content or to any application.

Our network equipment is based on standard IP and Ethernet technology. Customers may connect to and use any lawful devices that do not harm the network. Interconnection with the public Internet and alternative service providers will be through IP/Ethernet ports on the proposed network. Each service provider will be assigned its own unique Ethernet VLAN for controlling and managing its traffic through the network. The network equipment provides a standards-based mechanism for controlling priority and Quality of Service for traffic in the network. All VLANs from all service providers, including the applicant, carrying the same type of service traffic (for example: best effort Internet access) will receive identical, non-discriminating priority and handling through the network.

General network management practices may include multiple net screen analyzers and packet sniffers. All network interfaces are monitored for traffic anomalies, errors, and bandwidth usage. All inbound e-mail to Bulloch addresses are filtered for virus and spam detection. All interconnection, non-discrimination, network management and openness practices and policies already in place meet or exceed FCC guidelines.