Bulloch Television Service

It's Finally Here!

Cable television is now available through Bulloch Telephone Cooperative.

Bulloch Telephone Cooperative is happy to announce exciting channel selections through cable television with good, old-fashioned, hometown service. Bulloch Telephone Cooperative has been providing local telephone service since 1951 with that personal touch. Now, the same great customer service is available in Cable TV.

Set-top Box Rental $3.95 per month
Additional Box $5.95 per month
High Definition Box $6.95 per month
High Definition/DVR Box $10.95 per month
DVR Activation $50.00
Cable Cards $50.00
Cable Wiring Maintenance Plan $2.50 per month
or $1.00 with Telephone Line Inside Wire Maintenance Service Charge
Service Charge $30.00
Cable Installation $70.00
Additional New Outlet $32.00
Additional Cable Ready Outlet $9.50
Re-connection $35.00